Marilyn The Chef was diagnosed with PCOS at 19 years old. The hardest part was feeling alone.  She created this herb blend in her early thirties, in hopes to take charge of her Mind, Body and Spirit. It worked and she is now an ovarian cyst free mom of three.


We know ovarian cysts can control your mood, cause extreme pain and irregular periods. It's time to get back to vibrant you!


Remember to include exercise, a healthy support system and a healthy diet for best results.


Drop a tsp in a smoothie or use as a tea. Purchase Marilyn The Chef gut health smoothie recipes for a great head start.


Ingredients: rosemary leaf, flax seeds, lemon peel, oregano, cinnamon chips, turmeric root, sage, vitex berries, ashwagandha, chamomile  and clove oil.

Cysts Be Gone

$29.99 per 4 Ounces