Top Ten Recipes  has been a hit among clients! It will jump start your meals for a healthier you. You will receive ten obtainable recipes that Chef Marilyn will help you make and shop affordable for.

Skin Revival package is a top seller! It consist of amazing mask and smoothie recipes that will transform your skin inside and out. If you need anti-aging, anti-acne or moisture we have it!

Eight Weeks Healthier will impact clients with an ailment, such as a Prolapsed Uterus, PCOS, GERD, Obesity, Diabetes, in a natural way. Better food choices and positive affirmations will support your healing.

Zoom Food Coaching six weeks of one on one sessions with Chef Marilyn. She will help you set a daily regimen that will show results by week two! 

Healthy Date Night is when Chef Marilyn comes over and serves you and your partner. You learn to cook a healthy meal together and eat "Real Good"


Divine Appetite believes food education leads to healthy food choices. When we are aware of the side effects preservatives can cause and are able to advocate for ourselves, empowerment instantly creates change.  


Our workshops include culturally responsive teachings of how to incorporate herbs and spices. Get ready for fun cooking demos, uplifting affirmations and recipes to take home.


We look forward to working with you!

Food Coaching

Chef Marilyn says, "Our eight week food coaching begins and ends with our clients. They do not need to get fixed. They are miseducated by a society who has a broken relationship with food." You are valuable!

Contact us today, so we can impact your daily meals in a healthy way. We also teach you how to shop on a budget. Nutrient dense food choices will transform your longterm health.

If you need support with your uterus you are in the right place. Our minds are married to our bodies, so let's keep the Self Care alive!

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